About Us


“Katsu” is short for tonkatsu, a Japanese pork cutlet that is breaded and deep-fried, with a crispy texture on the outside while remaining tender on the inside. “Sora” means sky, which stands for our promise that we deliver premium tonkatsu that will take you to new heights, with a wide variety of premium options open to you.


Our Japanese master chef knows that the heart of the perfect tonkatsu is premium pork meat. That’s why we serve our dishes with four kinds of world-class pork: Iberico, Kurobuta, Simofuri, and Sakura. Each pork has its own unique flavor and texture, but all are of the best quality—marbled, flavorful, and naturally tender without the use of chemicals.


The Katsu Sora Pork

Iberico Pork
Bite into a tonkatsu made with the world’s most sought after pork meat. It’s so highly marbled, juicy, and sweet that it melts in your mouth. This is the height of the premium pork experience.


Kurobuta Pork
A tonkatsu made with the most prized heritage meat from Japan. Kurobuta is finely marbled, moist, and flavorful with a delicate meat texture. A solid choice for every pork connoisseur.


Shimofuri Pork
Hailing from Spain, Shimofuri is your gateway to the delights of marbled meat. Shimofuri is more marbled, delicious and moist compared to your usual pork. Its intramuscular marbling means that every inch is saturated with flavor, instead of just the edges of the cut. Once you’ve opened the doors to marbled pork, you won’t turn back.


Sakura Pork
A tasty option that is lean but tender. This pork was raised and processed in Canada, and has passed through one of the strictest food hygiene and safety standards in the world. Sakura is the perfect choice for health-conscious pork lovers that want pork on the lean side, but still flavorful with a little bit of marbling.