Chicken with cheese & Ohba Katsu Set

Farm-fresh chicken is served with a layer of cheese and Japanese basil, covered in wood-fired panko, and deep-fried to perfection.

Chicken Katsu Set

Tender farm-fresh chicken is covered in a special panko mix and deep-fried.

Ebi Furai Katsu Set

Tiger prawns are deep fried in wood-fired panko, creating a crispy exterior while remaining juicy on the inside

Mix Seafood Set (Ebi, Salmon, Crab)

The best option for those who want a little bit of everything seafood, as it comes with juicy fried Tiger prawn, Pacific salmon, and Crab cream croquette.

Tatsutaage Set

Farm-fresh chicken marinated in a special soy sauce and garlic mix, lightly coated with flour, and fried in light oil.

Salmon Fry Set

Pacific salmon sourced from Canada, breaded in a special panko mix and deep-fried.

Crab Cream Croquette Set

With its crispy fried exterior and a gooey creamy interior, this dish is a sure hit with any seafood lover.

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